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2018 and Cocoon marches forward. More vital, more relevant and more shiny than ever. Founded and guided by the legendary Sven Väth this is now one of the most important international music agencies in the world and Sven remains one of the most important global artists.

From the Frankfurt HQ and the endlessly influential Ibiza base Cocoon delivers events, artists and recordings that continue to drive forward and influence modern music. 21 years with a fearless finger on the pulse and in 2018 new faces and projects bring even more energy and ambition.

An exciting new website and social media platforms that have the benefit of a vibrant interactive fan base. More than 2 million followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter become more and more important as Cocoon makes sure it has the conversations with the people that matter

Cocoon Ibiza. 18 years of innovation and adventure both musically and in design and visuals. Cocoon led the way, presenting astonishing parties in Amnesia whilst always respecting the island and in the end becoming part of it.

In 2018 Cocoon Ibiza will raise the bar once more and join forces with another iconic name. Pacha. Refurbished and reimagined this was the right place and the right moment for Cocoon to present a new vision for Ibiza. It will be a momentous summer, as some 80,000 party guests will surely tell you. There will be some very special daytime events this year at Destino site of 2 extraordinary closing parties and on top of that another season of the Thursday night specials. Now flying the flag for irresistible music and design in over 30 different countries with well over 80 events slated for 2018. From Sven Vath hosting the big festival stages to presenting intimate club nights there is a fanatical clued up team behind the scenes. No compromises, every Cocoon occasion matters.

The brand matters, this year more than ever. Our unique annual event Cocoon in the Park in the north of England reaches its 10th anniversary and in 2019 the 20th anniversary of Cocoon Ibiza.

Cocoon Recordings is flourishing. New artists have joined the roster and the rich back catalogue is going to be joined by some startling new releases. And a very busy 2018 will of course also feature the treasured Cocoon compilations signposting what is going on at the sharp end. And Sven Väth will be looking into his crystal ball once again and as ever making sure new voices are heard

The merchandise department is being expanded and will be responding very quickly to in house and commercial demands as this huge year begins to unfold.

Last but not least Flash Artist Booking continues to expand and develop a powerful roster. An important department within the company but one free to set its own targets and challenges. A strategy that is adding more excitement to what is going to be an incredible year for Cocoon. As an example look out for the monthly live sessions featuring key Flash artists. Cocoon 360 comes direct from the Frankfurt HQ.

21 years old, now the restless rhythmic souls at Cocoon can start looking to the future.

In 2018 Cocoon will have a new home in Ibiza.

18 incredible years with Amnesia and not a moment to take back. From day 1 challenging Ibiza musically but there was more than that. Visual innovations and concepts that drank deep from the passion and colour of Ibiza that had entrancedSven Väth all those years ago. Cocoon with Amnesia made some extraordinary parties.

Ibiza never stops evolving and it never stops surprising. Say the same about Cocoon, the party that brought techno to the island and changed everything.

This summer Cocoon will join forces with Pacha, the club that brought parties to the island and changed everything.

And nowanother Metamorphosis. This is a new Pacha meeting the 19th season of Cocoon and it is time to make some parties that could be nowhere else in the world but Ibiza. This really will be a new Pacha experience.

Two iconic Ibiza names sharing an ethos and now a vision.

This is a fusion for the future.

It has been a long time coming. It is going to be spectacular

More information very very soon

We say yet again that this man is a machine, in a sensual pounding relentless way. The breadth and depth of the music he has played us this year is staggering. Tonight for the 18th time Sven will play the final set of Cocoon Ibiza. Extraordinary. And yes, unmissable.

A perfect partner for our closing. We will be front and centre for another stunning Henrik live show. He has blown us away every time these last years and this will not be any different. A class act.

We have said it before but when Koze is on the same stage as Sven in Amnesia things get so terribly tasty. Infectious music to get you started on the terrace from an infectious personality who is also a magician behind the decks.

Sets this year that have laid golden eggs. Really memorable stuff and this is somehow a bloke who just keeps getting better. Adam has the ability to hook you like a fish and thats it. Finito. Your arms and legs take over. Get caught as he closes the main room for the last time this year.

Unstoppable, irrepressible and as you will find after the first 2 or 3 tracks tonight irresistible. In demand throughout Europe and beyond he signs off a huge summer in Amnesia tonight and the floor will be jumping

A year to remember for Dana and we had no hesitation in bringing her in to open up the night in the main room. Dana can do it all, tonight she will get you in exactly the right mood for some of the biggest artists of the year

Thank you everyone who has made our 18th season so very special. Outstanding music, incredible crowds and an atmosphere like no other. Now please join us for the last time in Amnesia in 2017. No one says adios like Cocoon

Heavens preserve us. We have a total monster coming your way. Everything has had a ring a ding ding these precious previous weeks. A fierce fiesta last Monday had Sven and Ilario rejoicing on the terrace until the sun came up and Nina Kraviz pummelling the main room after Dana Ruh had teased and twirled her way through the early hours. The taste left in our mouths was once again so sweet and dense we will try and bottle it. Hanging out with you lot on a Monday as the season wends its way to the close hard to put into words.

Here we go with what might well be a classic. The penultimate gig, the last from our two exclusive heroes :
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