canada goose youth An Interview with Alan Parker

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Q: Alan, we’re in week fifteen of filming. How are you feeling, and can you give me an update?

ALAN PARKER: From a creative point of view I feel very good, very satisfied with what we’ve done. I think we’ve done as well as we could have done. I think we’re all pretty exhausted. No film should go on as long as this. It’s not just fifteen weeks, but it’s fifteen weeks of six and, for me, seven days a week. And bear in mind that we were doing the music for four months before that, so it’s been a very long haul.

ALAN PARKER: Well, I was asked to put together a sort of show off reel, really to show to distributors in Cannes. So I constructed ten minutes from the material that I had shot at that time and tried to tell a mini story and to show people what we’ve been doing. To show the scale of the film and the nature and the genre of it, and to do that in ten minutes, is quite difficult. But the great thing is that you can also show it to the crew who work very hard, and they were all crying at the end. So if they’re crying, then hopefully we’ve done something right.

Q: When you saw it on the screen as a trailer, did you see all your thoughts coming together?

ALAN PARKER: The trailer isn’t the movie. The trailer is a mini version that I constructed as a marketing tool. But from a creative point of view, yes, it’s very encouraging.

Q: Are you surprised by Madonna’s performance, her craft?

ALAN PARKER: I always knew that she was a highly intelligent person. I always knew that she was very professional and worked hard. We’ve been together now not just for the making of the film, but also doing the music, and it’s just astonishing, day by day, to see how extraordinarily accomplished she is. And she’s not easy, in that she’s very demanding and everyone has to be on their toes and be the best that they can be. I actually find it hard to even conceive of anybody playing this part as well as she’s done it.

Q: Tell me about Madonna’s first approach, the letter.

ALAN PARKER: I agreed to do the film at Christmas of 1994, and I suddenly got a phone call saying that Madonna was interested in doing it. I hadn’t yet decided who I would like to be in it, because I’d only just decided to do it myself. And then suddenly out of the blue came this long letter from Madonna. And you know, it was a very sincere letter, hand written, saying that she desperately would like to do it and she’d give her all to whatever I required of her. I talked to her about it on the phone, and then we met a couple of times. It just became very obvious that she would be prepared to give an enormous amount of time and concentration and effort over a very long period of time for the film. Bear in mind, she’s someone with a hugely successful business and a hugely successful recording career. So that was the most important thing for me: how much she would give to it. And she gave every single minute. And she never ever once has gone back on her word. She’s given everything for the film, so I’m very grateful for that.

Q: Can you sum up all the performances I mean, were these people all in the right place at the right time to make this film?

ALAN PARKER: When I was first asked to do it in 1979, I thought it wasn’t something that I wanted to do at that moment in time. If I had made the film then, I don’t think it would have been as good. I don’t think I would have been as good, and the most important thing is this group of people. It’s not just Madonna playing Evita, but Antonio Banderas playing Ch and Jonathan Pryce, Jimmy Nail . . . everybody involved from the cinematographer to the production designer everyone has been extraordinary.

Q: This is a huge movie. You’ve traveled the world with it. What is its appeal?

ALAN PARKER: I think that what we’ve attempted to do is to take the musical genre to another place, to make it acceptable to contemporary audiences. It’s sung through there’s no spoken dialogue. It’s a gigantic epic film, so you know it will appeal to audiences in that regard. It’s an extraordinary story of a girl who comes from nowhere, meets the most famous man in the country, becomes one of the most powerful and famous people in South America and, indeed, the world, and then dies tragically young. It’s a classic story, told with music and images. If you can communicate that story with music and images, you take the film to another level.
canada goose youth An Interview with Alan Parker